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Josh is an environmentalist with a passion for storytelling. At a young age, he was gifted a camera which has become an extension of his eyes and a tool for him to become a visual storyteller in his home state and abroad. Throughout his travels as well as working in the National Park Service and with the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service, he has learned the significance of environmental education and the importance of protecting ecosystems and unique cultures that make up this planet. “The relationship between science and imagery is crucial to making environmental change. We are all storytellers in our nature and imagery allows us to create connections between our lives and the nature that surrounds us.” To see research projects Josh has been a part of check out the Visual Portfolio page.

As a photographer, he hopes that his imagery helps people recognize the importance of their own relationship with the natural world and inspires them to make environmentally conscious decisions in their everyday lives. Recently, Josh started a small business selling his wildlife and landscape art. If interested in purchasing his work, check out the Print Shop or feel free to contact Josh at

Joshua Paluh Photographing in Alaska
Joshua Paluh displaying his art work
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