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Limited Edition

To ensure that the value of my work increases over time, each piece located here is printed in a fine art limited edition. Once edition is sold out the image will never be printed again. Every limited edition piece arrives signed by the artist to guarantee provenance. 

Above The City Lights Joshua Paluh

Above The City Lights

by Joshua Paluh 

Limited Edition Print of 10


"The lightbulb has been transformative to our planet. The dark side of this invention is that it has erased the starry expanse of our night sky. We love and connect with our city’s skyline. But we are losing our connection to a pristinely dark sky. The excessive light of our cities is endangering our ecosystems. And by allowing light pollution to wash out our starry nights, we are losing touch with nature. This photograph depicts what is just beyond the artificial lights, every night. Whether we can see it or not. Let’s dim the lights and reconnect with what’s above us."

If interested in purchasing this piece or an additional info contact Joshua at

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